Spotlight: Boutique Firm – National Reach

Over the 25+ year history of SealedBid Marketing (“SealedBid”), we have not only built a national network of strategic and financial acquirers, M&A advisors and professionals but we have also had the pleasure to work with an impressive list of companies.  So the goal of this Spotlight Series is to

Spotlight: Succession Planning

As a business owner, your final management decisions may be the most important business decisions you ever have to make!  Do you have a clear, well-defined succession plan in place?  If not, there are many immediate and future benefits to preparing for the ongoing future of your company…here are some

Spotlight: Exit Planning

As SealedBid continues to highlight the importance of preparing for the ongoing future of your company, we would like to welcome you to part two of the SBM M&A Spotlight Series regarding succession planning!  In part two, this Spotlight will focus on “exit planning” and the important points to consider

Spotlight: Recapitalization

Many business owners are seeing the benefit of Recapitalizations as opposed to a complete sale of their businesses.  Would you like to... Remove personal guarantees with the bank and capture partial liquidity? Expand geographically, increase production or acquire another company? Participate in future success of the Company? If you answered

Spotlight: Buy-Side Advisory

SealedBid is known for assisting private, lower mid-market business owners as a Sell-Side advisor/intermediary because of our expertise in Strategic Acquisitions (Roll-ups/Fold-ins), Financial Acquisitions (Private Equity), Corporate Divestitures and Recapitalizations.  But for companies looking to GROW THROUGH ACQUISITION, SealedBid also offers and has had tremendous success as a Buy-Side advisor/intermediary.

Spotlight: Importance of a Deal Team

Selling (or buying) a business is a full-time job!  SealedBid has provided Merger and Acquisition (”M&A”) guidance for over 25 years and has extensive experience maximizing value for our clients.  As a facilitator and intermediary, we work closely with clients, management teams and advisors from pre-engagement to engagement and from

Spotlight: Maximizing Value

At SealedBid Marketing, we are actively entrenched in the lower mid-market M&A transaction space and we closely monitor valuation across many industries.  The SealedBid team routinely meets and consults with business owners and their Deal Team advisors regarding Succession Planning and Exit Planning as well as valuation expectations.  “How much

Spotlight: Selling to a Strategic

What Does Selling to a Strategic Buyer Mean? When marketing a company for sale, one must consider all types of prospective buyers.  There are two primary categories of buyers – strategic and financial.  Our Maximizing Value Spotlight expounds upon the “Different Types of Buyers” but it is important to clearly

Spotlight: Accelerated Transactions

Business owners face many unique challenges both in the market place and in succession planning.  SealedBid has provided Mergers and Acquisitions (”M&A”) guidance for over 25 years and has extensive experience maximizing value for our clients.  In special situations, SealedBid offers business owners a unique Accelerated M&A process that allows

Spotlight: Financially Distressed Transactions

In special situations, SealedBid offers business owners an Accelerated M&A process that allows a quick exit and the ability to obtain financial relief through a structured transaction process. Distressed Situations Negative Cash Flow: When a company is spending more money than they are making during a specific period.  In most

Special Audio Spotlight: Dynasty Leadership Podcast – Selling Your Business

SealedBid’s Jerry Clark was a featured guest on Dynasty Leadership’s podcast. Todd Eberhardt, Founder of Dynasty Leadership, and Jerry discussed what owners really need to know to sell their business. Since founding the company in 1993, Jerry, and the SealedBid team, have completed over 300 successful transactions across a wide

Special Founder’s Spotlight: The Guy Who Ties the Knot

Current SealedBid Logo Jerry Clark is a man of seeming contradictions – accomplished business professional and contributor, yet nearly a rock star!  On the one hand, Jerry is the one to go to if you want to sell your business.  He’s the founder and managing officer of SealedBid Marketing ("SealedBid"),

Spotlight: SealedBid Year in Review 2022

SealedBid had a great 2022 and below are some of the exciting highlights! 2022/2023 Holiday Charity SealedBid made our annual Holiday donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  This is one of our favorite charities (and a past Holiday Charity Voting Campaign recipient!).  Thank you, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital,

Spotlight: SealedBid Year in Review 2021

SealedBid had a very busy 2021 so we wanted to share some of the exciting highlights! 2021 SealedBid Successful Transactions SealedBid has been the intermediary in over 250 successful transactions throughout the past 25+ years!  We have experience with a variety of industries, including distribution, manufacturing, technology and service based

Spotlight: 25 Year Anniversary

For twenty five years, Minneapolis-based SealedBid Marketing (“SealedBid”) has negotiated successful merger and acquisition transactions for its clients.  Since its founding, SealedBid has built a strong reputation in the upper Midwest and beyond as the “go-to” M&A firm for the lower mid-market which is defined as privately held companies with

Spotlight: SealedBid Year in Review 2018

SealedBid had an exciting, milestone year in 2018 so we thought it made sense to create a page to highlight the activity! Historically, our M&A Spotlights have tended to be educational in nature but since 2018 was such a big year for us, we decided to shift the focus a