SealedBid prides itself on providing the same professional, expert M&A services as national investment banks to clients whose businesses may not fit certain criteria.

M&A Advisory

SealedBid assists private, lower mid-market business owners as a Sell-Side intermediary.  SealedBid has expertise in Strategic Acquisitions (Roll-ups/Fold-ins), Financial Acquisitions (Private Equity), Corporate Divestitures and Recapitalizations (below).  The majority of our projects are on the Sell-Side and we use a structured, pragmatic and confidential approach to marketing, which results in a successful transaction for over 80% of our clients.

For companies looking to grow through acquisition and Private Equity Groups looking to make add-on or portfolio investments, SealedBid offers Buy-Side intermediary services.  Our Transaction Professionals are experienced at sourcing “ideal prospects”, identifying sellers, negotiating and completing buy-side transactions.

SealedBid routinely performs Market Valuations and industry research as part of any M&A process.  We will work to evaluate prospective companies in a “go-to-market” scenario to reach agreement on valuation expectations.

In certain situations, SealedBid has engaged in Accelerated Transactions/Distressed Sales using a strictly defined timeline and project outline.  Our goal in these situations is to assist our client and their advisors to reach a successful liquidity event in an expedited fashion without sacrificing confidentiality, professionalism, and most importantly, value!  Accelerated sales create a sense of urgency and competition resulting in higher prices in a limited time frame.


Succession & Exit Planning

SealedBid’s Transaction Team has over 50 years of experience working with business owners and has the breadth of knowledge and expertise needed to successfully guide a Transaction, Family Transfer or Management/Partner Buyout.  SealedBid understands the importance of Succession Planning and Exit Planning and can help companies execute for the future.  From gathering due diligence and financial statement preparation to negotiating the most beneficial deal structure, SealedBid is focused on providing M&A Advisory value to our clients.



SealedBid has seen an increase in clients looking to complete a Recapitalization or “Recap.”  In a Recap, a Private Equity Group or Financial Buyer acquires a majority interest of the Company from the owner(s), while partnering with them to continue the growth of the Company.

This type of Sell-Side engagement allows an owner or ownership groups to take some chips off the table while continuing to operate and maintaining partial ownership in their Company.  SealedBid maintains relationships with Private Equity Groups and Financial Buyers across the country and is experienced in both sourcing potential financial partners and negotiating a transaction that fits our client’s goals.