Over the 25+ year history of SealedBid Marketing, Inc. (“SealedBid”), we have not only built a national network of strategic and financial acquirers, M&A advisors and professionals but we have also had the pleasure to work with an impressive list of companies.  So the goal of this Spotlight Series is to display that impressive list of companies in a fun and interactive way that would demonstrate our long-term success!

Industry Experience: SealedBid’s longevity in the marketplace and core team provide a solid understanding/foundation for working with Companies across a wide variety of industries, such as; manufacturing, distribution, technology, business services, etc.  That longevity, core team and subsequent industry knowledge plus SealedBid’s limited number of actively engaged projects culminate in our ability to successfully facilitate campaigns across various industries with confidence.

Prospective Acquirers: While SealedBid is a boutique M&A firm based in Minneapolis, we pride ourselves in our ability to leverage technology and social media to gain national, and international when necessary, reach to potential acquirers.  We understand the importance of presenting SealedBids’ opportunities to the best strategic and financial prospects, regardless of location.

As the map indicates, we are successful in engaging Companies far outside our home base in Minnesota:

(The map above highlights the location of sellers and buyers from select transactions as well as category detail such as industry and buyer type.  Specific Successes and Case Studies are available for review as well.)

M&A Advisors and Industry Professionals: As with any business, relationships are key and SealedBid is no exception, we pride ourselves on established, professional relationships which include; attorneys, accountants, bankers, consultants and other advisors who have worked with SealedBid on past transactions.  This vast network allows SealedBid to recommend competent, professional advisors who fit with both our buy-side and sell-side client needs.

If you are interested in learning more about SealedBid, our services or our team, please do not hesitate to contact us at (952) 893-0232.  SealedBid will work closely with you, your financial advisor, attorney, accountant and banker from the initial stages of pre-marketing through closing and post-closing.