As a boutique M&A firm, SealedBid does not simply list Companies or Opportunities.  Every Acquisition Opportunity highlighted on our website is exclusively represented by SealedBid and our client is truly a committed Seller/Buyer.  Our go-to-market process includes a considerable amount of preliminary due diligence, preparation of a Confidential Information Memorandum (“CIM”) and a defined project timeline.

If you are a Private Equity Group, Strategic Acquirer or Individual looking for acquisition opportunities, please reach out and introduce yourself and your firm.  Through our database, we track and maintain buyer acquisition criteria to insure all new opportunities reach the right audience.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Jerry or Blake at 952-893-0232.

Company B2651 – Branded Mobile Technology Company

This Company has established itself as a premier international supplier of consumer electronic products for numerous mobile and outdoor applications.  There are many near term opportunities to capture new market share, expand product offerings, improve margin and continue innovation!  See the full B2651 Profile for more details regarding this opportunity.

Company B2640 – Healthcare Service Company

For the past 10+ years, this Company has delivered exemplary ambulatory care, correctional care and public health nursing.  Already recognized as a leader within the industry, the Company continues to add services and expertise with a recent extension into addiction medicine and is well positioned for continued growth!  See the full B2640 Profile for more details regarding this opportunity.

UNDER LOI – Company B2610 – Agriculture Equipment Manufacturer

This Company has manufactured equipment and product enhancements for the premier Original Equipment Manufacturers in Ag for 30+ years.  By focusing on innovation and technological advances, the Company has established itself as the market leader within its product niche.  See the full B2610 Profile for more details regarding this opportunity.

Company B2477 – Custom Cabinetry Manufacturer

This Multi-Line Cabinetry Manufacturer has been in business for over 40 years!  The Company offers cabinetry products designed for kitchens, baths, offices and other residential areas. The Company continues to be a market leader in design features that provide customers a vast array of options for complete customization.

Company B2579 – Armored Car Company

This Armored Car Company has been established for almost 50 years.  This Company is an excellent roll-up or add-on opportunity for a Strategic or Financial acquirer looking for synergistic operations.  See the full B2579 Profile for more details regarding this opportunity.