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"SealedBid was the glue that held the deal together, especially at times when it had the potential to unravel completely."

- Stuart Krueger, Rodli, Beskar, Boles & Krueger, S.C.


"Jerry is the hardest working intermediary I've ever worked with. He continuously worked toward consensus, kept his cool even when things got a little hot, and kept all of the parties to the transaction together."

- Art Dickinson, Formerly with Moss & Barnett


"Jerry's involvement and counsel were critical to the process.  He provided a good understanding of the business and equally important, he allowed us to establish a personal relationship with the Seller - an important issue in a recap, where a lot of interaction is required before making the decision to invest."

- Dwayne Hyzak, Main Street Capital Partners


"Calling them a broker doesn't cut it.  They truly facilitated the deal from start to end."

- Craig Darcy, J2911 Solutions, Inc.


“Jerry’s got a really good team.  He’s been in the business for a long time, and he’s one of the most networked people I’ve met in my professional career of 30-plus years.  He seems to know everybody and everybody seems to know him. He and his team have the values and the ethics that we require in our business, and with our business partners."

- Tony Wand, HM Cragg

"I researched firms thoroughly and settled on SealedBid.  What impressed me about Jerry from the start was his integrity, I could trust him."

- Dan Charbonneau, CBT Nuggets


"The key to our successful transaction was Jerry's knowledge, experience and most of all, his commitment to doing it right...and getting it done!"

- Jane Neuharth, Former Owner of Beer Central, Inc.


"SealedBid's role was absolutely crucial to the process.  Jerry has great business sense, he's able to look at the big picture and distinguish between issues that are substantive and those that are not significant to get hung up on.  He was a valuable advisor to our client."

- James Coons, Hutchinson, Cox, Coons, DuPriest, Orr & Sherlock, P.C.


"SealedBid handled themselves very professionally from the start to the finish.  We could not have gotten through all the ups and downs without you.  It was a real pleasure to work with such a great group of professionals.  Job well done."

- T.J. Kline, Former Owner of Infinity Packaging Inc.


"SealedBid helped us through the entire process and achieved a game-changing outcome for the owners."

- Dave, Former Owner of Thermo-Tech Windows and Doors LLC.





"Jerry and his team look at the entire transaction, the personal and emotional part of it as well as the technical.  That made an awful lot of sense to me."  I was told that SealedBid would add value to my transaction - "Jerry substantially increased the purchase price from my original estimates.  He set the stage for large monthly payments and a future earn-out, and structured a deal that doesn't saddle the firm with debt it can't handle."

- Tom Reiter, Former Owner of Reiter & Schiller, P.A.


"SealedBid took our assignment and ran with it.  From the outset, they asked solid questions, respected the confidentiality of our data & developed an impressive marketing package telling our stroy - particularly Waltek's potential - very well."

- Timothy Talbot, Former Owner of Waltek, Inc. & Managing Director of CBIZ MHM, LLC


"Jerry was always completely upfront and dealt frankly with all of the critical issues.  He always responded immediately to our questions."

- Richard Karls, General Beverage Sales


“They packaged it all up to tell the story really well and walked me through all the steps of what it was going to take.  They didn’t expect me to know it all, and they prepared me as much as they could when we’d meet with prospective buyers.”

- John Wallace, HH Auto Wheel & Trim





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