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Importance of a Deal Team


As a facilitator and intermediary, SealedBid works closely with clients, management teams and advisors from pre-engagement to engagement and from engagement to closing.  This Spotlight highlights the importance of having a team with strong M&A experience - - attorneys, certified public accountants (“CPAs”), wealth managers and bankers all play key roles in putting together a successful deal.  View the full M&A Spotlight: Importance of a Deal Team to learn more!

Accelerated Transactions Spotlight


Business owners face many unique challenges both in the market place and in succession planning.  In special situations, SealedBid offers business owners a unique Accelerated M&A process that allows business owners to exit more quickly than the norm without sacrificing value.  View the full M&A Spotlight: Accelerated Transactions to learn more!

Buy-Side Advisory Spotlight


M&A firms add tremendous value to a Buy-Side search.  Not only does a Buy-Side advisor/intermediary help search for prospective targets, but they can also expand the Buy-Side search beyond what a company can do on their own.  Having a Buy-Side advisor/intermediary will help a company reach the finish line.  View the full M&A Spotlight: Buy-Side Advisory to learn more!


Exit Planning Spotlight


It is never too early to start thinking about your company’s Exit Plan!  This Spotlight discusses elements of a good Exit Plan and what steps you should take to get started.  Along with other key elements, you will learn how Exit Planning relates to your overall Succession Plan and the important interrelationship between them.  View the full M&A Spotlight: Exit Planning to learn more!

Succession Planning Spotlight


This Succession Planning Spotlight highlights the importance of preparing for the ongoing future of your company and provides suggestions on how to start this process.  View the full M&A Spotlight: Succession Planning to learn more!

Boutique Firm – National Reach Spotlight


SealedBid is proud to publish our second M&A Spotlight: Boutique Firm – National Reach.  This Spotlight features an interactive map that showcases our nationwide sellers and buyers from select transactions!  View the full M&A Spotlight: Boutique Firm – National Reach to learn more!    


Recapitalization Spotlight


Is a Recapitalization the right move for you? In this Spotlight, we created a detailed description of the benefits to owners. For example, one benefit is creating a liquidity event and participating in future growth.  View the full M&A Spotlight: Recapitalization to learn more!

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