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Financial or Strategic Transaction

After the shocking and tragic death of its owner Steven Fischer, Fischer's executor of his Estate looked for help to sell the company and came to SealedBid. The deal required many complicated negotiations due to the nature of the industry and was ultimately sold to five seperate acquiring companies. For more information, view the full Beer Central, Inc. Case Study.

The sales process can be challenging even when everything is progressing as planned.  But what
happens when a disruptive event -- like a sudden health crisis -- intensifies the challenge?  David Sundet,
the owner of Minnesota-based Goodall Manufacturing, found himself in just that quandary when he
decided to sell his company.  For more information, view the full Goodall Case Study.



HM Cragg is a Minneapolis-based company that sells, installs and maintains backup power systems and
products for clients who need continuous power, such as those in the telecom, medical, utility,
commercial and hospitality industries. HM Cragg’s products include uninterruptible power systems,
industrial generators and battery backup systems.  For more information, view the full HM Cragg Case Study.

Kenway Engineering, Inc. (“Kenway”) designs and manufactures HVAC systems for off-road equipment manufacturers in industries like agriculture, mining and construction.  If you could make a fantasy wish list for the sale of your company, it would probably include: a potential buyer who just pops up one day; a fast, easy sales process; and a price even better than you hoped.  All these wishes came true for the owner of KenWay, Ken Detloff.  For more information, view the full Kenway Case Study.

When Lyle Stevermer was approached about the sale of a product line, he sought professional representation through SealedBid.  The buyer, a South Korean based distributor, was anxious to acquire Lyle's line of measuring wheels.  Despite thousands of miles and language and cultural barriers, SealedBid was able to successfully negotiate a satisfactory transaction for Lyle and Meter-Man. For more information, view the full Meter-Man, Inc. Case Study.

When Scott Schneekloth had a health scare, he and his wife decided to sell Midwest Fire & Equipment, a Southern Minnesota based fire aparatus manufacturer.  Once engaged, SealedBid targeted a list of both strategic and financial acquirers throughout North America.  For more information on how SealedBid completed a successful business and real estate transaction for the Schneekloths, view the full Midwest Fire & Equipment Case Study.

Thermo-Tech produces premium vinyl windows and doors that provide superior insulation against heat and cold. This family-owned business was established by the Ferkinhoff brothers in 1993, and did well over the years. However, last year the three brothers agreed that it was time for them to reap the rewards of their hard work.  They decided to sell Thermo-Tech, and had definite goals for the sale.

V-TEK, Inc. is a manufacturer of precision packaging, inspection and bond testing equipment for the
electronics industry.  V-TEK has been an important part of Mankato for over 30 years, and both Dennis and his
company are well-known and well-respected in the area, and the industry at large.  For more information, view the full V-TEK Case Study.

When Tim Talbot, a partner at Waltek, began searching for merger and acquisition ("M&A") representation, he found that most M&A and Investment Banking firms considered his company too small to represent. Tim was pleased to discover SealedBid, which specializes in providing top tier intermediary services to lower mid-market companies.  After a successful marketing campaign, Jerry Clark and the SealedBid Transaction Team were able to negotiate a price far exceeding the firm's expectations. For more information, view the full Waltek, Inc. Case Study.








Dan Charbonneau, president and owner of CBT Nuggets, Inc., did not initially plan on selling his company, but decided to retain SealedBid after receiving multiple unsolicited offers.  The growing company had attracted the attention of multiple strategic acquirers, but at the end of the day Dan did not feel the larger companies were a good fit.  SealedBid suggested the possibility of a financial partner and worked to source quality Private Equity Groups interested in CBT Nuggets. To read more about this successful recapitalization, view the full CBT Nuggets, Inc. Case Study.


Ten years after founding Dyne Technologies, Joan Leedy approached SealedBid to sell her business and planned on transitioning to other opportunities.  SealedBid designed a go-to-market strategy around Joan's primary concern, her employees, and specifically targeted strategic companies and a select group of financial acquirers.  After receiving an abundance of interest, Joan was able to choose from a number of quality buyers, maximize value and maintain an ownership piece going forward.  To read more about how SealedBid facilitated a recap of Dyne Technologies, and a win-win sale for Joan, view the full Dyne Technologies, LLC Case Study. erty

HH Auto Wheel & Trim is a Minneapolis-based business that sells a huge selection of  OEM auto wheel products - hubcaps, rims and more.  HH Auto Wheel & Trim opened in 1971 as a traditional brick and mortar business, but the company embraced the internet revolution and established an online presence in 1996 and has since transitioned into a purely E-Commerce concern.  For more information, view the full HH Auto Wheel & Trim Case Study.


RIE was a promising small company that applied protective coatings to equipment parts used in the wind energy, solar, agricultural and heavy equipment sectors.  They had enjoyed strong growth in recent years, making it a potential acquisition candidate for investors.  However, RIE's four owners had differing plans for the future of the company.  The SealedBid team was able to help RIE’s owners to reach a compromise that satisfied everyone in the form of a recapitalization.  To read more about this recapitalization, view the full RIE Coatings, Inc. Case Study.



Management Buyout

Tom Reiter, president of Reiter & Schiller, P.A., was thinking about selling his 23-year old firm. "As a law firm specializing in foreclosures, our business was looking increasingly rosy, and I had visions of early retirement."  Working with SealedBid's Jerry Clark, Tom was able to negotiate a buyout with his Management Team that accomplished Tom's goal of retirement while preserving and empowering the company going forward. To read how SealedBid helped Mr. Reiter complete a successful Management Buyout, view the full Reiter & Schiller, P.A. Case Study.



Where Are They Now?

Fourteen years ago, Dan Charbonneau sold a majority interest of his company as part of a recapitalization, or “recap” sale.  Charbonneau’s goal was straightforward: he wanted to realize some of his profits, but still wanted to stay on as CEO of his company, the Eugene, Oregon-based CBT Nuggets (“CBT”).  After liquidating his majority interest in CBT, Charbonneau chose to stay on as CEO to guide the company and capitalize on its continued growth.  For more information, view the full Dan Charbonneau "Where are they now?".



With the help of SealedBid’s Transaction Team, Donaldson sold MyTana to Envirosight in July of 2017.  MyTana is a manufacturer and distributor of cleaning tools for the sewer and drain cleaning industries.  The buyout also helped spur the growth that Donaldson wanted for MyTana.  Donaldson was ready for the change.  He says that he’d come to a fork in the road with his business.  For more information, view the full Jock Donaldson "Where are they now?".


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